Take the Chicago Murder Mystery Tour this Winter!!

Taking the Chicago Murder Mystery Tour during the winter can offer a unique and captivating experience despite the outdoor setting. While the idea of an outdoor activity might seem unusual, here are several reasons why winter can actually enhance the charm and excitement of a murder mystery:

  1. Seasonal Cheer and Chilling Terror: The festive atmosphere of winter brings a distinct glow to Chicago’s Gold Coast streets and chill of the murder mystery story. The unique winter setting can make for a beautiful snowy landscape in which to capture the killer! 
  2. Less Crowded: Fewer crowds on the streets can enhance the feeling of being a part of an exclusive event as you follow the murder mystery trail past Victorian mansions and beautiful city landscapes.
  3. Discover Chicago history in a unique way: Since the concept of a murder mystery walking tour is a relatively new concept, coming on this tour will give you a travel experience truly singular to Chicago! Learn about legendary and historical figures where they actually lived and died! 

It’s important to state that while winter can offer a unique and beautiful backdrop for a murder mystery tour, participants should dress warmly and comfortably for the weather, and that this is an outdoor experience. This will ensure everyone enjoys the experience to the fullest! 

Andre Baronov


  • The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Site
  • The famous alleyway from a legendary crime
  • The haunted Chicago theatre

And a whole lot more!