Chicago Weather & Clothing

Be Prepared for Every Season

Chicago’s Seasonal Weather: A Peek

Summer (Jun – Aug)

Chicago remains warm with high humidity. Expect long sunny days and occasional thunderstorms.

Fall (Sep – Nov)

Fall brings crisp air with vibrant foliage. While it’s pleasant during the day, it can get a little chilly at night.

Winter (Dec – Feb)

As you may know, it gets freezing cold with snowfall. But we get to enjoy ice skating, sledding, and so on.

Spring (Mar – May)

As winter recedes, we get mild temperatures with frequent rain. Blossoms emerge as the city thaws.

Special Events & What to Wear


Breathable fabrics are key! Think cotton tees & sun hats, and always carry sunblock to protect against Chicago’s sunny days.


Embrace the crisp air with cozy sweaters, layered outfits, and light jackets. Don’t forget a stylish scarf for those cooler evenings.


Chicago’s winters are chilly! Opt for heavy coats, insulated gloves, and waterproof boots. Thermals are a must for those sub-zero days.


Expect unpredictable weather. Waterproof jackets are essential, layered outfits offer flexibility, and shoes should be comfy for both rain and shine.


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