Your Essential

Stuff you need to do for a smooth trip to the Windy City!

The Ultimate Pre-Trip Guide For Chicago

As you prepare for your journey, whether from out of state or from abroad, this checklist covers vital pre-trip activities, packing essentials, and specific steps for your Magnifico tour experience.

From confirming your tour details to understanding the logistics, we aim to provide clarity for every step of your adventure.

Let’s ensure your Chicago experience is both memorable and hassle-free.

Before You Leave

Weather Forecast

Check Chicago’s climate a week prior. Pack accordingly to enjoy a comfortable tour.

Travel Insurance

Ensure you have comprehensive coverage. It’s a safety net against unexpected events.

Document Scans

Scan passports, IDs, and tickets. Store them digitally for easy access and backup.

Workplace To-Do’s

Set automated email responses. Inform contacts of your unavailability during the trip.

Passport & Visa

For international visitors, ensure your documents are valid and meet Chicago’s entry requirements.

Bank Notification

Inform your bank about your travel dates. Avoid card declines and potential fraud alerts.

Carry Medication

Carry essential medications and prescriptions. Some drugs might not be available locally.

Ensure You’ve Packed…

Weather Gear

Chicago’s weather can shift. Pack layers, waterproof footwear, and always carry an umbrella.

Charging Devices

You need your devices to stay charged. Bring a portable charger and the right adapters.

Snack Pack

Carry light snacks like nuts or granola bars. They’re perfect for quick energy boosts.

The Chicago Tourist Toolkit

GoCity & CityPASS

Unlock top attractions with savings! Dive into Chicago’s best with these bundled passes.



Rent a bike on the go! Explore Chicago’s scenic routes with Divvy’s convenient service.


Transit App

Navigate the city with ease! Get real-time updates and route options for buses and trains.



Secure your spot in advance! Find and book parking spaces in busy Chicago areas.



Tap and travel! Use one card for buses, trains, and more across the city’s transit system.

Your Magnifico Tour: Make Sure You Have…

Arrival Guidelines

Know your meeting point for each tour. Being punctual ensures you don’t miss out!

Booking Confirmation

Always carry a printed or digital copy. It’s your ticket to an unforgettable journey!

Our Contact Numbers

Save our helpline (872-310-7645) and tour guide numbers. We’re here to assist anytime!


  • The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Site
  • The famous alleyway from a legendary crime
  • The haunted Chicago theatre

And a whole lot more!