Safety Information

Ensuring a safe and secure Chicago trip for you…

Your Guide To A Secure Chicago Adventure

Exploring Chicago’s magic should be thrilling, not worrying.
Delve into our comprehensive safety guide, from Magnifico’s meticulous protocols to general city tips, ensuring your journey is as secure as it is unforgettable.
Here’s how you can enjoy Chicago without worrying!

“Of the hundreds of tours that we have conducted till date, all have been without any incidents!”

- Detective Andre

General Safety Tips For Tourists

Be Alert

Always stay present in the moment. Regularly scan your environment, especially in crowded places, to preempt potential risks.

Nighttime Navigation

Chicago shines at night, but stick to well-lit streets. Dark alleys might seem intriguing, but they can pose safety concerns.

Guard Valuables

While it’s tempting to flaunt, keep expensive items discreet. Use inner pockets or anti-theft bags to store valuables.

Choose Populated Areas

There’s safety in crowds. When exploring, especially after dark, opt for bustling streets and popular spots.

Magnifico’s Safety Measures

Careful Planning

We plan to minimize physical exertion and follow wheelchair-accessible paths, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience.

Trained Guides

Every Magnifico guide is equipped with skills to handle unexpected situations, ensuring your tour remains smooth and safe.

Daily Sanitization

From Sherlock’s hat to a detective’s magnifier, all props and costumes undergo thorough cleaning daily for your safety.

Instant Support

Should you have a query or concern during the tour, our team is on standby, ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

Health Priority

If a participant feels unwell, we prioritize health and will halt the tour, ensuring everyone’s well-being.

Rescheduling Tours

We’ve kept liberal rescheduling policies, so you can shift your experience to a later date if you feel unwell.

Tips For A Safe Tour


Save Our Contact Details

Immediate assistance is just a call away. Store our number for any queries or emergencies during your tour.

Stay Hydrated

Chicago’s excitement can be dehydrating. Stay refreshed and hydrated by always having water on hand.

Request Breaks

Your well-being is paramount. Signal our guides if you need a moment to rest or recuperate.

Tell Us About Allergies

Ensure a seamless experience by letting us know of any allergies, especially if food stops are involved.

Emergency Contact Numbers & Details

Chicago PD

In emergencies, dial 911. For non-urgent matters, contact local precincts. Always note your location.

Fire Department

Immerse yourself in an intriguing experience blending historical facts with captivating storytelling.

Nearby Medical Facilities

Always keep a list of the closest hospitals. In emergencies, dial 911 or ask locals for guidance.

Magnifico Emergency Contact

We’re here for you. Save our emergency WhatsApp number and reach out anytime during your tour.

FAQs On Safety


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