Chicago Cinema: 3 Movie Locations in the Windy City!

The city that gave us the Chicago Blues and the Chicago Bulls is also a movie lover’s paradise. Here’s just a few spots full of movie history, with plenty to do after you’ve taken your pics!

  1. Daley Center Plaza: “The Fugitive,” “The Blues Brothers,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” “The Dark Knight”: While normally the site of city hall meetings and the occasional governor being carted off to jail, Daley Center Plaza has also been site to some of Chicago’s most cinematic moments. It’s through the plaza, where the Blues Brothers drive right through, almost crashing right into the Picasso sculpture, one of Chicago’s most iconic pieces of artwork. Also weaving through the plaza is Harrison Ford as the titular Fugitive, where Tommy Lee Jones chases him through the St. Patrick’s Day Parade as it heads south on Dearborn Street. This is the same intersection where Ferris Bueller stops a parade float to “Twist and Shout” and wish a happy “Danke Schoen” to all his adoring fans. Lastly, Batman fans will also recognize the tall dark Daley Center Building, which served as Wayne Enterprises HQ! That’s a lot of movie magic for just one plaza!
  2. Wrigley Field: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “A League of Their Own,” “Sleepless in Seattle”: Tom Hanks has made Wrigley Field famous twice, both bringing his first wife on a date during Sleepless in Seattle, and running tryouts for America’s all-women baseball league in “A League of Their Own.” And if you want to watch the game like Ferris Bueller, according to fanatics he and his friends sat in Section 102, rows 4-6. 
  3. Marina City Towers: “The Dark Knight” “Bullet” “The Batman.” Only two cars have ever fallen from the Marina City Towers parking garage into the Chicago River: once in a car insurance commercial, and once being driven by Steve McQueen in “Bullet.” They are also used in The Dark Knight and The Batman as examples of the brutal and dramatic gothic architecture of Gotham. 

Chicago’s movies continue to draw in visitors and viewers alike, and are something to look out for when visiting the Windy City, or dare I say the Hollywood of the Midwest. 

Andre Baronov


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