Chicago Cinema: 3 Movie Locations in the Windy City! (Part 2)

The city that gave us the Chicago Blues and the Chicago Bulls is also a movie lover’s paradise. Here’s just a few spots full of movie history, with plenty to do after you’ve taken your pics!

  1. State and Lake: “The Batman” “Shameless.” The iconic ‘L’ above your head has been used by chicago residents including the Gallaghers in the pilot episode of ‘Shameless,’ and Robert Pattinson, who flew right over them in the most recent Batman film. While you’re here try Potbelly sandwiches, a Chicago chain! 
  2. The Chicago Theater: “The Untouchables” “The Dark Knight.”The upper lobby was used as Al Capone’s Lexington Hotel, and it’s the theatre outside of which Harvey Dent discovers the ballet is cancelled in The Dark Knight. While here, see if there’s a tour of the inside, where Frank Sinatra to Beyonce have all performed!
  3. Victory Gardens Theater: “Public Enemies” “High Fidelity.” This famous movie theater house has been passed by celebrities such as John Cusack in High Fidelity, as well as Johnny Depp as John Dillinger in Public Enemies. I wish I could tell you what happens, but that would be spoiling the biggest part of the movie!  

Chicago’s movies continue to draw in visitors and viewers alike, and are something to look out for when you’re visiting the Windy City, or dare I say the Hollywood of the Midwest. 

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Andre Baronov


  • The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Site
  • The famous alleyway from a legendary crime
  • The haunted Chicago theatre

And a whole lot more!