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Why Join Magnifico Tours?

We offer the industry’s leading entry-level pay and flexible hours, perfect for balancing other commitments.

Our inspiring mentorship prepares you for every twist and turn, ensuring you’re confident in your role.

Engage with diverse guests daily, share captivating tales, and continuously deepen your understanding of Chicago’s rich history.

What Our Tour Guides Do

Guiding the Journey

From navigating the historic route to play-acting thrilling mysteries, our guides masterfully weave fact with fiction, ensuring every moment is both educational and entertaining.

Immersive Tours

Beyond the tales and theatrics, our guides prioritize every traveler’s well-being. From ensuring comfort to addressing individual needs, every guest is in caring hands.

Adapting on the Go

Be it a surprise rain shower or an unexpected parade, our guides are adept at thinking on their feet. Quick adjustments ensure the experience remains seamless and enjoyable.

What We Look For

Chicago Enthusiast

We value guides who embrace Chicago’s rich history and culture. A passion for the city’s past and present is essential for authentic storytelling.

Effective Speaker

Clarity and engagement are key. We seek guides with the knack to convey tales and facts in a manner that’s both compelling and easy to grasp.

Warm Personality

Magnifico tours are as memorable as our guides! A friendly, outgoing demeanor ensures guests feel welcomed and immersed in the journey.

Group Manager

From large families to enthusiastic friend groups, managing diverse tourists with ease and patience is a pivotal skill for our guides.

Experience Optional

While previous tour guiding experience is a plus, it’s not mandatory. We believe in potential and offer mentorship to budding storytellers.


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  • The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Site
  • The famous alleyway from a legendary crime
  • The haunted Chicago theatre

And a whole lot more!