5 Top Team Building Benefits of the Chicago Murder Mystery Tour

  1. Communication: Arguably the most important skill a team can have, communication is honed through active listening, sharing information, outlining theories, and working together to solve a mystery!
  2. Problem-solving skills: Murder myster tours have a way of bringin out the detective in all of us. Solving interactive puzzles requires all of us to engage with our problem-solving skills, encouraging critical and creative imagination.
  3. Improvisation skills: Teams learn how to make quick decisions based on limited information from a testimony or interrogation. That simulates the real-life situations teams must make under pressure. Practicing this skill can improve partners’ abilities to take effective action in the real world.
  4. Playing builds Empathy: Participants are assigned roles of characters with unique backgrounds and motivations. This encourages participants to step into someone else’ shoes, promoting empathy and understanding. This enhances interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence.
  5. Fun and Engagement: Team-building activities should be truly enjoyable to be effective. Murder mystery tours ofer a unique blend of excitement and entertainment that will boost team morale and engagement. The immersive nature of the experience helps participants become fully invested, and fosters a feeling of shared purpose.

Andre Baronov


  • The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Site
  • The famous alleyway from a legendary crime
  • The haunted Chicago theatre

And a whole lot more!