5 REAL Al Capone Spots to Visit in Chicago!

  1. Green Mill Cocktail Lounge 4802 N Broadway

Once on the outskirts of Chicago now sits a Jazz club in the center of Uptown once owned by mob heavy-hitter ‘Machine Gun’ Jack McGurn! Today the Green Mill still stands as a shining beacon of live jazz music and solid drinks where every night you can find live performances, and if it isn’t too busy you can sit in Al Capone’s actual booth, it’s the only one with a good view of the door and the hidden side exit. 

  1. Blackstone Hotel 636 S Michigan

Some say Capone got his shoes shined here. Others swear it’s where Capone got his haircuts. Whether they’re all right or wrong, Blackstone still stands as a highmark in hospitality, and it is a historic fact it has hosted Presidents, including JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and mobsters including Al Capone.

  1. Exchequer Restaurant and Pub 226 S Wabash

Then known as the 226 club, it was known to be a Capone hangout in the Loop, and remains to be one of the few spots Capone is verified to have frequented. Now better known for its Tavern Style Pizza and family friendly charm, Exchequer still serves old-Chicago character. 

  1. Capone Family Residence 7244 S Prairie Ave

Put into his wife’s name as most gangsters did, the iconic Chicago two-flat property’s top floor was a private residence and the bottom floor was a parlor room used for business and hosting. It hosted such intimate family gatherings as Al’s brother’s wake, and where his mother passed away in 1952, 13 years after Al’s own passing. 

  1. Capone family plot, Mt Carmel Cemetery 1400 S Wolf Side, Hillside, IL

We can confirm he visited this spot, because he’s still here! His resting place in suburban Hillside hosts tons of other big names in the mob world, including Sam Giancana and Dean O’Banion. A historic cemetery where more tombs are in Italian than English, this is the perfect place to pay your last respects to the former Boss of Chicago.

Andre Baronov


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