5 Original Ideas for Birthday Parties in Chicago

Here are five unique to Chicago birthday party ideas that will create long lasting memories.

  1. Chicago Mixology Class at The Violet Hour: Treat your crew to a private mixology class, where expert bartenders guide you through the art of crafting cocktails. Sip, stir, and shake your way through some of the most famous drinks! 
  2. Chicago Murder Mystery Party: Solve a crime and explore the city in this unique experience that will turn your party into a detective agency. Unravel clues, interrogate suspects, and get to the bottom of it!
  3. Dance Party at Howl at the Moon: Dance like nobody’s watching at Howl at the Moon, Chicago’s high-energy live music venue. Treat your birthday party to a night of live music and dancing like only Chicago knows how. Put on them dancing shoes and dance the night away! It almost perfectly pairs with the next morning’s suggestion…
  4. Private Yoga and Wellness Retreat at Zen Yoga Garage: Rejuvenate with a private yoga and wellness retreat. Adventure into relaxation and self-care on this mindfulness journey, an oasis in the big city.
  5. Chicago Helicopter Tour with Vertiport Chicago: Ok, this one’s not for everyone, but what better way to take your group to new heights than a breathtaking helicopter tour of Chicago’s skyline?

Andre Baronov


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