3 Things to Know About the Billy Goat Tavern (#3 will SHOCK you!)

1.) It is the site of the Billy Goat Curse: It is the origins of the legendary Billy Goat Curse, which baseball fans believe was the cause of the Chicago Cubs 108-year world series drought. Even if you’re a bigger fan of Goats than baseball, this tavern has world-class history that makes it worth a visit for anyone. 

2.) Some of the most iconic cheezborgers: An award winning tavern, it has been the inspiration for SNL sketches, with a fun atmosphere of real old-school Chicago, but they take their food seriously! Julia Child once claimed they were the best, and who are we to disagree? With a few different locations, I recommend the oldest location at 430 N. Michigan Ave at Lower Level for the history, and the one on Navy Pier for the views. 

3.) With the lifting of the Billy Goat Curse, a specter haunts whoever dares to come near. Unfortunately according to the dark arts the lifting of a curse does invite maleficent spirits to invade a space, and as such The Billy Goat Tavern is no exception. While no paranormal activity has been spotted yet, it is merely a matter of time until a large supernatural force engulfs the entire restaurant. Cheezborger anyone?

Andre Baronov


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