3 MORE Things they Won’t Tell You on the Chicago Architecture Boat Tour! 

One of the best views of the city is found on an architectural boat tour in Chicago. Their guides are pros who will provide fascinating historical and cultural facts to brighten your trip. For one reason or another, here are 3 more real stories they won’t tell you while you take in Chicago’s best views!

  1. The green dye used to color the Chicago River on St. Patty’s day is an unregulated environmental pollutant. While the city claims the dye is safe, the Illinois EPA has never approved or required a permit, making it an unstudied long-term environmental pollutant. Other environmental activists object that the practice distresses and displaces the wildlife found inside the river. 
  2. Murders in the Marina City Towers. The round icons of the city have been the site of grizzly tales of gangsters and murders. From being the curious death site of an alleged four construction workers, and for Chicago mob power-broker Murray ‘The Hump’ Humphries. Its first murder was in 1969 over the shooting death of Lydia Meyer, and it’s believed dozens of others were killed during the 70s, as the Marina City Towers transformed from a dangerous hotbed of crime, into the revered icons of the city they are today. 
  3. The Haunted Screams coming from the Chicago River. From the Eastland Disaster, to murders in the Marina Towers, the Chicago River has witnessed tragedies of tremendous scale. It only is natural that these restless souls cry out from the waters, begging to be remembered in death, as they were forgotten during life. Yikes! 

An Architectural boat tour in Chicago is still one of the best things to do in Chicago. As you head on your voyage to discover architectural gems on the waters of the Chicago River, don’t forget sometimes the best stories are not what you can see, but what you can’t unsee. 

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Andre Baronov


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